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Environmental - Princess Yachts

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With over 50 years experience in yacht manufacture we recognise the importance of environmental sustainability throughout the lifecycle of our product.

We aim to create a unique product while minimising its environmental impact and striving for continual improvement of the environmental management system.

Princess Yachts will:

  • Identify, comply and where possible exceed compliance obligations that are appropriate to its activities
  • Prevent pollution to the environment by ensuring relevant procedures and emergency plans are in place
  • Identify and manage the significant environmental aspects relevant to its activities
  • Maintain a programme of continual environmental improvement through the framework of setting and reviewing objectives and appropriate action programmes
  • Continual improvement of environmental performance through setting and reviewing quantifiable and measurable environmental targets and objectives
  • Investment in design solutions, on-board equipment, and operational procedures which contribute to an improvement in environmental performance beyond identified compliance obligations
  • Promote environmental awareness via environmental briefs, inductions and training
  • Improving the management of waste through effective application of the principles of the ‘Waste Hierarchy’
  • Improve the management of energy, resources, raw materials and emissions in all activities where economically viable, while encouraging suppliers and contractors to do likewise
  • Continually monitor and review the system to ensure that it continues to meet our requirements and remains suitable for our business needs while meeting customer expectations
  • Ensuring complaints are resolved to the benefit of all stakeholders
  • Ensure that this policy is communicated to all employees and is made available to all interested parties

In 2010 we became the first major European boat-builder to be awarded ISO14001 in recognition of our achievements in reducing our environmental impact. We are also breaking new ground in large scale resin infusion technology, a closed moulded process which almost completely eliminates styrene emissions in the workplace and local environment.

Our commitment to improve environmental impact is not only focussed on our manufacturing, every Princess model up to 90 feet in length meets the RINA Green Plus (Y) notation. This is an independently verified environmental accreditation from the Classification Society RINA and applied to each individual model.

As part of our ongoing commitment to the environment we have officially partnered with the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) supporting the charity to protect and sustain marine environments for future generations. We work closely with the MCS on a series of initiatives to help safeguard both UK waters and specific projects across the world, raising money for essential conservation work and driving awareness amongst Princess customers on the importance of protecting the oceans.

For more information on the MCS visit their website